The One

From the February 2007 Issue of Focused Press

There is a scene in West Wing that defines my Public Relations beliefs.

Josh is working for the Vice President at the time and, on the advice of a friend, goes to see the New Hampshire Governor who is running for President. He is told that the man is “the real deal.”

Josh goes to Sam, a lawyer friend of his, and tells him that he is going to see Governor Bartlett. He asks Sam to come with him, but Sam is at work and can’t.

Josh asks, “If he’s the real deal do you want me to come and tell you?”

Sam replies, “You have a poor poker face. If he is the real deal, you won’t have to tell me.”

At the speech, Josh is stunned by the well spoken Governor, who when asked by a cow farmer about a milk tax that he supported, bluntly said, “Yea… I screwed you on that one” and then continued to explain why he did it.

Josh rushes back to Sam, who is in a group meeting with rich oil clients. Outside the window, Josh points to his smiling face. Seeing this, Sam stands up and leaves the meeting, quits his job and becomes Deputy Communications Officer for the Governor who eventually becomes President Bartlett.

It’s that moment in my life, watching that scene in a fictional world play out, that I decided I wanted to go into public relations. I know it sounds bizarre, but it’s the idealism that gives me my passion for the field. It’s the possibility of finding that person or organization that is the “real deal.” When you finally do what you were meant to do and you are representing someone that will make a difference in the world. We are all waiting for one of us to point to our face and smile so that we can find peace in knowing that we are ready for the challenge of our lives.

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