Remembering Jeff

I’m on the board of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), ironically as the VP of Special Events and Networking considering how much I loathe networking. As part of the position, I was asked to fill out a profile for the website that seemed to ask wildly inappropriate and personal questions. Of course, being who I am, I loved it.

One question stood out to me: “How would you like to be remembered?”

And the three sentence answer I wrote became an essay; that essay became this blog.

I’d like people to remember me with a smile.

Not as a perfect human being. I’m comfortably imperfect.

As someone who tried their best. Who won some and relished it. Who lost some and learned from it.

As a creator without the fear of failure: words, ideas, entertainment, inspiration… or maybe just crappy YouTube videos and unread manuscripts.

As a story teller, a bit dramatic, but always honest.

As a protector. A father. Even if I never have offspring.

Who loved. Who did everything he could for the ones he loved. Except give up.

As that person you know you couldn’t offend; whether with a joke or a criticism or a situation you needed help with.

As that person who you knew you could tell anything to without being judged.

Who was thoughtful at times. Thought provoking at others.

As someone always up for a challenge or a new experience.

As a seeker… of love. Of adventure. Of faith. Of God. Of answers and truth.

As a question asker… the sort of questions that cut to the core of things, that were occasionally too personal, and that were always entertaining.

As someone who loved to travel, but loved coming home just as much. Even after seeing many places, his favourite was home.

As an opinionated arguer who loved engaging in debate. Not because he wanted to prove you wrong, but because he wanted to provide you the opportunity to prove yourself right.

As an intellectual who didn’t take himself too seriously.

As someone who knew who he was without shame or apology.

As a gentle giant.

As an eclectic and complicated man that shared his life with a lot of different people from all walks.

 Oh. And also…

As that guy who seemingly accidentally wrote his own eulogy at 24 when asked how he’d like to be remembered.


“Now I see you, til kingdom come. You’re the one I want to see me for all the stupid shit I’ve done.” – Blind Pilot in 3 Rounds and a Sound

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