Halifax Ultimate Scavenger Hunt


The Checklist

5 People

Take a picture of yourself with these people for 3 points each (1 bonus point for their signature)

  • A hipster with an animal tattoo
  • A pregnant woman with sun glasses
  • A retailer selling something useless
  • An intellectual reading in a coffee shop
  • A stranger who looks like a “twin” of one of your team members

15 Things

Collect these items for 3 points each

  • A pencil from a bowling ally
  • A ticket stub from a museum (that you didn’t purchase)
  • A coaster from a bar downtown that has the bar’s logo on it
  • A church bulletin with a picture of the church drawn on the front
  • A library book with a picture of a person sleeping on the cover
  • The smallest bottle of wine you can find (The smallest bottle gets the point)
  • A job application
  • The nutritional value chart for McDonald’s food
  • A blue flower
  • A casino token or equivalent
  • A receipt for exactly $1
  • An origami boat folded by a stranger and signed
  • A bus schedule
  • A change of address card from the post office
  • A pamphlet from a local nursing home

5 Random Pictures

Take a picture of each of these items for 1 point each

  • Up to 4 anchor
  • Up to 4 statues of people
  • Up to 2 cannons
  • Up to 3 fountains
  • Up to 4 tombstones of Mr. Smith

7 Videos

Take video of a member of your team doing one of these things for 4 points each

  • Crawling through a pedway
  • Hugging a statue in a square
  • Asking a waitress or waiter for a roll
  • Skipping across a bridge
  • Dancing in a garden
  • Doing something you’ve never done before
  • A musician playing or singing a song for one of your team members

5 Riddles

Take a picture as instructed at each of the locations for 6 points each

  • It’s where you buy veggies and fruit
    And you won’t have to spend much loot
    Where ol’ Keith once brewed his Ale
    Take a picture here, lest ye fail
  • Ask a student to take a sec
    To describe this statue, tall and “erect”
    It’s grey, and hard, and made of stone
    Not to be used for a quick bone
  • Tour through history in the day
    At night, some sex, but you’ll have to pay
    This fort stands tall over the city
    Missing this picture would be a pity
  • Under 6 feet of soil, lie here
    A man dedicated to the finest beer
    He did craft a mighty brew
    At his headstone have a beer or two
  • They protect NASCAD with a roar
    That rattles and scares you to your core
    Across the way from the Crow
    Hug one of them or failure you’ll know


1.       Requirements.Each team must have a vehicle, a camera, and at least two members.

2.       Start Time. We start officially at 2pm.

3.       Acquisition of Items. All items on the list can be obtained and performed legally. It may involve smooth talking, but it is all possible.

4.       Fair Play. While sabotage is fun, it’s generally looked down upon. If a team is caught sabotaging, they will be deducted 15 points. Mind you, that’s only if they’re caught…

5.       Points. Point totals are final. That said, Jeff’s Ultimate Scavenger Hunt asks you to do awesome things and be awesome people. It’s up to you to meet that level of awesome and go above and beyond. For this reason, judges will consider giving you 1 special point in rare circumstances.

6.       Items. Be aware that doing items nude will not get you more points.

7.       Prizes. Prizes include a sweet trophy, what Bethany considers the candy of 2013, and eternal glory.

8.       Deadline. Your entire team must be back at Sarah’s home by 5pm. You will be deducted 2 points for every 5 minutes you’re late.

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