Sent July 17, 2013

Good morning everyone,

My birthday was this week. And as most late-20 something’s would, I chose to celebrate by participating in a 3-hour, city-wide scavenger hunt that I designed in my spare time. When I wasn’t running around trying to find a library book with someone sleeping on the cover or a coaster with the name of the restaurant on it, I had time to think about birthdays and, in particular, birthday wishes!

As CNIB volunteers, wishes are something you’re constantly filling, even if you don’t realize it. As Vision Mates, many of you are already an answer to a person’s wish; a wish for help or independence or company. As administrative or fundraising volunteers, you’re a staff person’s wish granted for more hours in the day.

I’ve recently made a Volunteer Wish List with all the upcoming roles we’d like to fill in the next few months. There are a lot of great opportunities for people looking for a regular commitment. In September, I’ll also be putting together a list of assignments that need to be done on a short-term basis.

So I’m taking the opportunity now to put a Birthday Wish out into the universe. Seeing these roles filled is my wish for this year. If you’re not as involved as you’d like to be or you’re interested in a new challenge, my wish this year is that you get involved and you get your friends and family involved!

And, if I can be greedy, I wouldn’t mind a new couch. So I guess I have a couple wishes!

Don’t forget to send in your volunteer hours and have a great couple of weeks!

Jeff deViller

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