Sent September 30, 2013

Good afternoon everyone!

CNIB has been incredibly busy over the past few weeks and there’s plenty to let you know about! A big focus has been on awareness.

This past week, a phone call went out to 1,800 of our clients in the HRM letting them know about the Vision Mate program and our leisure programs (including cooking lessons, a games afternoon, a knitting club, an audio-book club, yoga sessions, and a walking group). We anticipate all of these programs starting in October based on the overwhelming positive response we’ve received.

To recruit new volunteers, we have attended volunteer fairs in Wolfville, Truro, Sydney, Halifax, and Charlottetown this September. We’ve also had volunteers put up posters promoting volunteer opportunities on the various university campuses. 

Craig Gives Back is still on its way across Canada raising money and spreading awareness. Craig, who was injured at the beginning of the tour, will be rejoining in Vancouver on Oct. 23. Craig’s selfless decision not to rejoin the ride until its final legs allows Bob to accomplish one of the goals that Craig had established for the ride – for the first blind cyclist to cross Canada coast-to-coast on a two-wheeled bicycle.

We’ve gone beyond awareness though! Many Vision Mates have started this month and many more will be starting as clients express their need for help. Our CNIB Centre Support program is also in full swing with volunteers helping out in the Halifax office Monday to Friday. 

It wouldn’t be possible without volunteers like you, so thank you from all of us at CNIB. Don’t forget to send in your volunteer hours for September and have a great couple of weeks!

Jeff deViller

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