Sent July 3, 2013

Good afternoon,

It seems only suiting that after spending the weekend celebrating the First of July (despite the rain) that this Volunteer Update should celebrate all of the other firsts happening at CNIB! 

To start, the first new Vision Mate match since I started at CNIB was made this weekend! And it’s just the beginning. There are half a dozen volunteers starting in the next couple of weeks and many more volunteers who are nearly ready to get started in Nova Scotia and PEI!

Our CNIB Centre Support Program starts next week in Halifax. Six volunteers are participating in this 8-week pilot program. A range of assignments are pinned to our “Assignment Board” and during their weekly shift they will select what interests them to work on. If successful, we’ll launch a similar 14-week program in September. 

I also made my first visit to PEI this month and had the opportunity to meet with many of the current and new volunteers on the island. They’re a passionate bunch and I believe there’s a lot of good happening and plenty of additional potential!

Finally, our Annual Community Meeting was held on June 19 (not a first, but still important to note!). We celebrated two of our incredible volunteers at this event. Milena Khazanavicius was awarded the Holly Award for conducting presentations to schools, employment groups, and new volunteers. Doris Feltmate was awarded with the CNIB Outstanding Volunteer Award for over a decade of volunteering as a Vision Mate and as a driver of CNIB Staff. The event also showcased the new office, as well as our incredible guest speakers including Leighton Davis, an accomplished artist from Lunenburg. 

Craig Aucoin, the driving force behind the Craig Gives Back-2-Back Cross Canada Bicycle Tour, also spoke at the event. This weekend, he completed the first PEI Tip-to-Tip where he and his riding partner peddled a tandem bike from one tip of PEI to the other over two days!

We’re hoping to see plenty more firsts at CNIB, as well as the continuation of many of the fine things we’ve been doing all along! 

Don’t forget to send in your volunteer hours and have a great couple of weeks!

Jeff deViller

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