Podcast – Educational

Stuff You Should Know

stuff-you-should-knowThe Premise: Each episode, Charles “Chuck” Bryant and Josh Clark delve into a subject and provide a well-rounded and often humorous overview. Common themes include biology, death, history and sharks.

Why You Should Listen: Because you like to learn about new things! This podcast is great because you can listen when you’re not doing anything and actually learn something. Then you have something interesting to talk about during dinner parties.


  • There are so many interesting topics that starting with this podcast may, at first, feel like sitting down to read the encyclopedia.

Length: 30 to 45 minutes

Sample Episode:

What’s the deal with the duckbill platypus? In which they talk about the platypus and your mind is blown.

How grief works. In which they dissect the grieving process and make the unknown a little more knowable.

Why do men have nipples? In which the discover the purpose of the male nipple (Hint: People are female in the womb by default and some men can lactate!)


freakonomicsThe Premise: Author of the best-selling book “Freakonomics,” Stephen Dubner, hosts this show taking topics from the book and extrapolating off of them for this podcast.

Why You Should Listen: If you liked the book, the documentary, or the premise behind both, you’ll like this podcast. The segments are well-edited and incorporate interviews, music, and Stephen’s own observations.


  • There are two types of show under the Freakonomics banner. There is the longer segment that explores an idea in detail and short 2 minute segments that are part of a longer radio show. Stick to the longer ones. You’ll want the details!

Length: 30 to 45 minutes 

Sample Episode:

Selling Off the Family Business. In which they explore the consequences of passing down a business to your heirs.

How much does your name matter? In which they explore the ramifications of your name and what your children’s names may say about you. 


edumacation_headerThe Premise: Andy McElfresh, a writer for the Tonight Show, is one of the smartest people that Kevin Smith knows. This is why the pair gets together every week for Andy to teach him something new. The show is broken down into the SCI (the science), the FI (the fiction), the WHY (an explanation of why something is the way it is) and the BYE (a final fact to think about). It also often starts with EdumaCORRECTIONS and EdumaENHANCEMENTS, which is when the pair reads listener submitted facts about past topics.

Why You Should Listen: Because they make learning fun… enough said!


  • Andy does a great job bringing in facts and Kevin adds the funny. However, Kevin’s constant interruptions can get annoying.

Length: 1 hour 

Sample Episode:

08) East Paw. In which they learn about lefties, phobias, Jurassic Park, and Kevin tries to explain why.

BBC Beyond Belief

Beyond BeliefThe Premise: The BBC produces some of the best television out there and their radio is no different. This radio show turned podcast explores a religious topic each week through research and interviews.

Why You Should Listen: Other than the soothing British voices, listen because religious is fascinating and often misunderstood. This podcast offers an unbiased look at a wide range of religious-themed topics including celibacy, doubt, and comedy


  • This is a documentary style podcast. You listen because it’s interesting, not because it’s funny.

Length: 45 minutes

Sample Episodes:

Livingstone’s Legacy. They debate the legacy of David Livingstone, pioneer medical missionary in Africa, 200 years after his death.

Celibacy. They debate how the role of celibacy differs cross-culturally among religious traditions.

Faith & Doubt. They debate the role of doubt in religion.

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