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Get Up On This/Get Up Off This

getuponthisThe Premise: Get Up on This is a podcast hosted by Jensen Karp – an optimists who was formerly a comedy rapper named “Hot Karl” and currently runs Gallery 88, which is an art gallery that exhibits pop culture-inspired art – and his long-time friend Matt Robinson, a cynic who wrote The Invention of Lying. Each episode Jensen and a guest bring in three things they believe that the audience should know about including music, movies, athletes, games, and merchandise. Matt gets one pick at the end because he’s “less of a man.” They then each choose something they were late on – something they thought was bad, but was actually worth checking out. They end the episodes by each choosing three twitter accounts they think are worth following. Every four episodes their format changes slightly as Matt hosts “Get Up Off This” and they each suggest three things that they think are popular and shouldn’t be.

Why You Should Listen: The banter between Jensen and Matt is reason enough to listen, but they also recommend music, movies, and websites that are legitimately worth checking out! I would highly recommend this podcast to nearly anyone.


  • Jensen is a big fan of hip hop and wrestling, which come up on occasion.
  • Matt can occasionally come off as overly cynical, though he’s coming from a good place.
  • Jensen can come off as harsh towards Matt, but it’s just friendly ribbing.

Length: 90 minutes to 2 hours 

Sample Episode:

32) Guest Meg Myers. In which the guest doesn’t understand the premise and hilarity ensues.

77) Guest Louis Pietzmen. In which the editor of Buzzfeed is their guest.

94) Guest Martin Starr. In which Matty tells people to get up off “death”.

Fatman on Batman

FatmanThe Premise: Simply put, Kevin Smith interviews various people involved in the creation of the various Batman carnations. The first episode with a guest usually delves into their history and how they came about working on Batman, while later episodes with the guest focus on their favorite Batman stories.

Why You Should Listen: Because there is nothing quite like people who love Batman telling Batman stories. You end up listening to the best Batman stories told by people who are passionate and emotionally moved by them and you can’t help but be moved yourself.


  • Kevin cries a lot.
  • The backstories of the guests can go on, but the Batman stories make it worth it!

Length: 90 minutes to 2 hours 

Sample Episode:

01)  Paul Dini. In which they discuss the Batman Animated Series and Kevin cries.

11) Kevin Conroy. In which they discuss voicing Batman.

29) Geoff Johns. In which they discuss Batman: Earth One, an everyday Batman, and a badass Alfred

36) Jim Lee. In which they discuss drawing Batman.

You Made it Weird

You Made It WeirdThe Premise: Pete Holmes interviews comedians about my three favorite topics: the nature of creativity, relationships/sex, and religion.

Why You Should Listen: At its best, Pete’s interviews turn into real conversations about complicated and thought-provoking issues, while keeping an edge of comedy.


  • Pete has a whiney voice and can take the show a bit too seriously. He also can be repetitive explaining his theories over and over to each new guest.
  • Pete often tries to “make it weird” and will reference the name of the show when he thinks it’s gotten there, but really… it never gets that weird.

Length: 90 minutes to 2 hours 

Sample Episode:

22) Emily Gordon. In which Pete discusses relationships with his best friend’s wife.

37) Myq Kaplan. In which they make a strong argument for trying mushrooms.

48) Chelse Peretti. In which they discuss how often Pete references Chelsea Peretti.

Doodie Calls

Doodie CallsThe Premise: Each episode, Doug Mand has a guest comedian on who tells the story of one of their most humiliating poop stories. The episodes start with Doug – along with his friend Jack Dolgen – reading some listener submitted stories, revealing a new funny slogan for their unofficial sponsor Charmin toilet paper, and introducing the guest. Then the guest tells their story with Doug and Jack only stepping in on occasion to inquire about specific details.

Why You Should Listen: If you grew up in a family like mine, you can appreciate a good pooping story. This captures the comedy and taboo of those late night conversations in an easily-digested podcast. It is sincerely one of my favorite things to listen to.


  • If you don’t like poop puns or think shitting stories are gross, this is not the podcast for you!

Length: A very long bowel movement… around 25 minutes. 

Sample Episode:

Phil Lord. In which the guest tells a story about pooping in Weird Al’s house.

Billy Scafuri. In which the guest tells a story about pooping in Morocco and I loose respect for Dave Matthew’s Band.

George Sloan. In which the guest tells a story about pooping to get revenge.

Ashley Hale. In which the hosts discover a poop mystery.

Pam Murphy. In which the guest tells a story of pooping in a sundress and roller blades.

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