Podcast – Talking with Friends


SmodcastThe Premise: Kevin Smith – writer and director of such films as Clerks and Chasing Amy – is a high-energy and wildly inappropriate film-maker with a dirty mind and a big heart. Scott Mosier, his long-time friend and former producer, has a dry, monotone voice and often is the sounding board for Kevin’s ideas, while adding his own sense of humor to the mix. The Smodcast originated my interest in podcasts. You can sense the pair’s decade long history as they have hilarious conversations that you wish you had with your friends. They often pull weird news stories to augment the show.

Why You Should Listen: At their best they create elaborate stories and play off each other’s ideas and sensibilities. Overall, after all of these years, it’s still my favorite podcast and listening to it is like spending time with old friends.


  • Heavy on dick jokes and blue comedy.
  • In some episodes, Kevin can get a bit preachy about filmmaking and the meaning of life.
  • When Scott can’t make it, Kevin will interview other guests. These episodes are okay, but the priceless ones are with him and Scott.
  • They’ve recorded over 275 episodes, so there’s a huge back catalogue of shows to catch up on. Get started!

Length: 1 to 2 hours

Sample Episode:

#15) The Pretty Good Worker. In which they discuss pet ownership, but mainly Helen Keller.

#52) The (c)Rapture. In which they create a fictitious movie that pits an old-timey, boxing Scott against Satan

#90) Forgeticus! In which they teach me everything I need to know about Harry Potter.

#259) The Walrus and the Carpenter. In which they discuss and extrapolate off of an online ad that offers a free room to someone willing to dress and act like a walrus around the house (this podcast inspired the script of Kevin’s next movie project)

Tell ‘Em Steve Dave

Tell Em Steve DaveThe Premise: Tell ‘Em Steve Dave started as a spinoff of Smodcast with two of Kevin Smith’s high school friends: Bryan Johnson – a chronically depressed funny man who can get away with anything – and Walt Flannagan – a funny, albeit occasionally curmudgeonly, man who is running Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. It revolves around their humorous conversations, Flannagan’s games including “One, True, Three”, and the occasional “fat news.” Brian Quinn started as the duos’ sound guy, but quickly became part of the trio. Guest appearances include Ming Chen, Kevin’s original webhost, and Sunday Jeff and Mike Zapcic, who both work at the store.

Why You Should Listen: Like Smodcast, the show ends up feeling like time spent with friends. The trio’s personalities complement each other perfectly. Johnson is a brash and insensitive man with a big heart. Flannagan attempts to be politically correct and serious at times, but the veil is often broken. And Quinn, who is from Staten Island, is the group’s ladies’ man who lives with his multiple cats. The three are equal parts inappropriate and funny, but the biggest take away is that they’re friends.


  • There are a lot of inappropriate jokes in this show and the trio are never particularly sensitive or PC. Hitler, for example, is regularly brought up in conversation.
  • TESD has spun off into a TV show called “Comic Book Men” on AMC and Quinn stars in a show called “Impractical Jokers” on TruTV. Since these shows started, there have been episodes of TESD that focus more on filming, which are less entertaining.
  • They’ve recorded over 175 episodes, so you have a lot of catching up to do!

 Length: 1 to 2 hours

Sample Episode:

5) You passed my stop, guys. In which Bryan tells the story of a time he got car jacked.

12) Makin’ Hay. In which they comment on interviews that they conducted at the local outdoor flea market.

55) F.U. Andrea Canning. In which they discuss Rebecca Black and how they would kill a baby Hitler.

157) Let the Games Begin. In which they play a variety of games against other podcasting teams.

Mike & Tom Eat Snacks

Mike and TomThe Premise: Tom Cavanaugh and Michael Ian Black are two actors that starred together in a show called “Ed.” They now have a podcast where they analyze snacks. Each episode starts with their banter as they use improv rules (agree to whatever the other person says and add to it) to create strange and elaborate stories. “Storm Troopers Hit the Ground” marks the start of the snack eating and the show ends with a rating out of 10.

Why You Should Listen: The episodes are short and easily digested and their running bits are often funny and comfortable. The two are funny, if nonsensical humor is your thing.


  • It can get a bit silly and a bit repetitive if you listen to a lot of episodes in a row.
  • A lot of call-back jokes may make it harder to get into.

Length: Snack size! 30 to 40 minutes

Sample Episode:

 49) Japanese Kit Kats. In which they rate and review a variety of unique Kit Kat flavors including wasabi and soy sauce.

 65) Chicken in a Biscuit. In which they rate and review a “surprise” snack on the spot.

 73) Gingerbread Men. In which they rate and review gingerbread and get tricked by people-shaped sugar cookies.


FEABThe Premise: FEAB, which stands for four-eyes and beard, is a joint project between the Nerdist Network and the Smodcast Network. It stars Matt Mira of Nerdist fame and Scott Mosier of Smodcast fame. In their respective shows, they both play the quiet man and this podcast gives them both the opportunity to shine. It has a similar format to Smodcast with additional segments like “FEAB Reads,” where the pair recommend books.

Why You Should Listen: FEAB is a podcast that is just getting started, so it’s interesting to listen as bits are created organically through their conversations. It’s nice to be starting at the foundation and growing with these two experienced podcasters. Plus, anything with Scott Mosier is worth a listen!


  • It is a new podcast, so not all of the kinks have been worked out. Bear with them!
  • They’ll make reference to the Smodcast Network, the Nerdist Network, and Attack of the Show. Knowing something about each will help provide context to some of their comments, but overall you won’t miss them too much if you don’t.
  • It’s only bi-weekly so when you fall in love with the show and finish listening to the first 25, you’ll have to wait an excruciating 14 days between episodes.

Length: 60 to 90 minutes 

Sample Episode:

10) Canadian Sniper. In which they create the most polite assassin in the world.

19) Fix-a-Flat. In which they discuss weird situations in cosmetic surgery.

Cashing In with TJ Miller

Cashin InThe Premise: Cash Levy and TJ Miller host my favorite show on the Nerdist Network. The show starts with Cash telling the audience that he has a special guest (who always turns out to be T.J. Miller through a random turn of events). They then do a variety of segments including the Triple Banger Lightening Round (three random questions that Cash comes up with), Where Were You (they literally discuss where they were), Maskers (it’s “Ask the Masters” and TJ always starts yelling when they’re asked questions about masks), and Practical Living in the Modern Age (in which they give relatively decent advice).

Why You Should Listen: It’s good. The two hosts are incredibly funny together and are both very likable. It can be hard to get into because of all of the call back jokes and how nonsensical they can both be, but it’s worth the trouble!


  • It’s heavy on the improv and their bits often get silly fast.
  • Heavy on call-back jokes (Chipotle parking lot, Getting a bill board, Only 12 ½ listeners, etc.)

Length: 1 hour

Sample Episode:

29) No Ticket Required. In which they talk about Cash sneaking in to concerts.

59) Bigfoot Momma’s House. In which they talk about Sasquatch.

79) Amnesia Maskers. In which they get amnesia and someone has to explain the show to them. Then they get distracted telling stories about their experiences with transsexuals.

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