Conflict & Apocalypse Preparation

Conflict Resolution

  • Finish the sentence: Honestly, _____ gets on my damn nerves. Let’s deal with that for a sec.


  • How will we resolve heated conflicts?
  • How do we deal with each other’s style of managing conflict?
  • Can either of us ask for a time out to calm down and be creative in our problem solving?
  • What rituals will we develop to reach out to each other after a big fight?
  • Does either of us take prescription drugs for mental illness? Would we be open to taking such medication?
  • Have we learned to tell each other what we expect ahead of time so that we are not disappointed when he/she doesn’t read our mind?
  • Would we be willing to attend counseling if requested? At what point would we consider that an option?


  • How do we feel about divorce? In what circumstances would we consider divorce?
  • Should we have a prenuptial agreement?
  • What are our ‘deal-breakers’ for our relationship?

Apocalypse Preparation

  • What is your policy on fighting zombies?
  • How prepared are you for a zombie attack?
  • What is your ideal shelter during a crisis?
  • Select your primary skills (2 out of the following 8):
    o Firearms
    o Medical
    o Handyman skills
    o Technical
    o Diplomacy
    o Living off the land/Becoming self-reliant
    o Hand-to-Hand Combat
    o Leadership
  • What’s your plan for survival in the event of a zombie outbreak?
  • If you became a zombie, would you want your partner to kill you? How?
  • The secret password that only the two of us knows – in case one of us is replaced with a shape shifter – is:

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