Lifestyle & Our History


Managing Our Home

  • In what condition should we keep our living space?
  • We should divide up the household chores by…
  • If neither of us wants to do a certain chore, we will divvy it up by…
  • The problems we’ve had living with other people have been…
  • Is it alright to relax when there are chores to be done or will we work first, then relax?

Managing Our Health

  • Our ideal amount of time spent exercising during the week is…
  • Do we expect each other to exercise?
  • We should plan our meals by…

Managing Our Connection

  • Ideally, we should greet each other after work by…
  • Ideally, we should greet each other when we wake up by…
  • Ideally, we should say good night by…
  • Is it important that we set aside one night just to be together alone to catch up with each other and have fun?
  • Do we carry cell phones with the expectation of being available at all times?

Managing Our Other Relationships

  • How much time should we spend with friends separate from each other?
  • Do we have the ability to make and keep friends?
  • Do we like and respect each other’s friends?
  • How often should we go out socially as a couple?

Managing our Bed

  • I am a (morning/night) person:
  • I sleep _______ hours a night. I’d like to sleep _______ hours a night. I wake up _______ times a night.
  • My ideal sleeping conditions are:

Our History

  • I was initially attracted to you because…
  • The date of our first kiss was __________________________.
  • The story of our first kiss is…
  • I realized I loved you when…
  • The date of the first time we said I love you was _____________________________. The story is…
  • We started dating on ___________________________.
  • The story of how we ended up together that we’ll tell at parties is…
  • The story of how we actually ended up together is…

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