Column: Act Your Age

“Act Your Age” is a column I started in September 2011 (It’s A Story). While it began as a column in which I would venture out to specifically attempt an activity (Going to Bed Early, Getting a Massage, etc.), I have for the most part written about things I was planning to do anyway.

To be fair, I’ve had a crazy half a year and as a result I’ve tried many random things for my own amusement that (at least I think) have made some great columns. After finishing my Masters in August, I went to Europe for September (Taking a Flight) with a couple of friends and my girlfriend at the time (Enjoying the View). I saw some incredible things, tried some incredible food, and visited museums like the Museu Picasso de Barcelona (Appreciating Art).

When I got back in October, I intended to apply to a few jobs and then move to Ottawa to be closer to the girl. That didn’t happen. Instead I stayed in Halifax and spent six months licking my wounds and looking for work. In the end, I applied to 245 jobs (it’s quite an impressive chart really) across the country that ranged from funeral planner to publications coordinator. While looking for work, I networked (Joining a Board) and took on random employment like selling Christmas trees (Getting a Part Time Job), while trying anything else to make a couple of bucks (Being a Guinea Pig, Getting an MRI).

Things weren’t horrible though. We got a cat (Adding a Cat), after the last of my pet rats passed on (Burying a Pet). I spent a lot of time with new and old friends (Dancing to the Music of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, Stopping a Fight). I also tried to work on myself (Going to Church, Donating to Charity). And eventually I did get a job. Three weeks ago I moved to Toronto to start a summer contract as a Fundraising Coordinator at the MS Society (Moving to a New Home). I’ll be assisting in the RONA MS Bike Tour (Register now and help us end MS!).

However, given that I haven’t really set out to do a whole lot of retirement activities, it’s safe to conclude that “Act Your Age” isn’t what I intended. Rather than the column being about me trying a retirement activity and writing about it, it has become me writing about my random life and then (often in a huge stretch of the imagination) relating it to retirement. And to be honest, THAT version of “Act Your Age” is even more enjoyable to write (and hopefully to read).


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